Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hawaii #2 Thoughts and a few more pictures

Remember how we went to Hawaii?

Well then, go read the last recap!

But today I'm just going to share a few more pictures and thoughts on the trip and such.
Here goes!

 Some of the view from Diamond Head....

 A...different view?

 ...with us in there!

What's this strange looking creature?
Oh! A Scott! :D

 This bird trekked all the way up as well. 
Who the bird?
You the bird!

 Little old me! Scott was chatting with our tour guide.
(Who was a pretty cool dude)

 I thought these little white flowers were so cute!

 At the airport...sad to leave Hawaii...
(We were Lei'd AGAIN before leaving our hotel{ok, actually I got 2})
I kept laughing at Scott's faces. I was more sad then I looked...

View in the air. Below all this is Ocean...lots and lots of Ocean.

So that's that! I didn't share all of my pictures...but a majority of them! 
I've also realized I have an obscene amount of pictures on my iPhone. We're talking like 2,000. 
Ya. I think I need to start clearing that out D;

A few last thoughts...
  • We LOVED Hawaii and would absolutely love to go back again and AGAIN! The atmosphere was extremely laid back and it's just beautiful in general. PLUS, we'd love to explore more of O'ahu, see more of the hikes and venture off to the other Islands.
  • However, this is also one of the most expensive trips we've ever taken. Hotels, flights, FOOD, activities. Very pricey! Make sure you budget a good amount when you venture here.
  • Waikiki (the area where we stayed) is very touristy. It was an extremely convenient location to get shuttles around and explore and go to the beach and such. BUT, because it's tourist central it's VERY busy and likely why it's so expensive in this area. ;)
  • I started a small collection of Japanese Good Luck Cat's (want to see????). They're so cute and they were EVERYWHERE! So yes...many cat's. Hopefully lots of luck. Unless they cancel out each others luck. Dang it...
  • Their pineapple is delicious. Take advantage of it while there. Trust me.
  • If you go during their 'Winter' season (we did), bring an umbrella/water proof jacket (we did not...and I was too cheap to buy anything). It gets fairly rainy (it likely rains some in the Spring as well...just be prepared!)! HOWEVER, rarely did it rain all day and when it does rain...it's usually still quite warm! 
  • We did rent a vehicle, but we would recommend NOT renting one. If you stay in Waikiki, most things are in walking distance. If not, there are tons of shuttles to the touristy areas (for good prices), there are cabs flocking EVERYWHERE, and there's also city buses. We only pulled out our rental car about 3 times, which seemed silly to us. It was convenient to be able to have the car available those few times but traffic is also pretty crappy (because Waikiki is so busy). So yes, think about it long and hard before renting! Next time, we would NOT rent a car. 
And yes! I believe that's all I've got to say! If you have any questions or concerns...don't hesitate to ask!

Also, if you've been to Hawaii, share your tips and recommendations for our next trip!

Most importantly, if you're going soon....take us with you??? :3

Hope all is well. 
Love you too. 

xo T

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